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When vending should I have promo items or gifts?
This is a great way for people that attend the expo to remember you and your company by giving away a gift. Now many businesses do this so be creative and think of what will stand out. Keep this in mind that they are business people not kids so balloons may look nice at the booth but not something to hand out.
Top Ideas:
1. Key chains - nice gift that people can use especially in the office.
2. Pocket Cleaning Cloth - everyone today has tablets, laptops and smart phones
3. Stadium Cups - nice looking cup for the water cooler at the office
4. Letter Openers - mail comes in to every address both at home and at work
5. Colossal Paper Clip - big clip for big results

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Mermaid Fishing Lures and Clothing Line - Be unique and get a give-a-way or promo item people will remember.

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Drawings at my booth?

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    Is this the right way for our company to do.

    Some drawings can build up a nice call back list. Attendees at the expo must be willing to fill the drawing form out so make sure you have a great item or service to be won. You will find that not everyone will want to share there emails, faxes or phone numbers as they are afraid that the sales team will be contacting them for ever. Make it know that the drawing information is not shared or sold to any other company or list service. This will increase the number of people in your drawing.
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    2018 - 2019

    Plan ahead!

    Make sure you have your booth set up planned in advance. Think of everything you may need such as table coverings, plants, pens, water, business cards, posters, carpet, chairs, brochures and other company printed material.

    If you are going to require electric for TVs, DVD players or other electronics then make sure that you have selected that option on the vendor application. Some expos have fees for use of electric. This fee is usually one that the venue has issued.
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